Harvest Highlights:  December 6, 2018

Gather up your groceries, unique gifts and goodies at the market and support local small business owners this Thursday!

Specials treats and gifts this week include:

Penns & Needles

March 15, 2018

We can wrap up your shopping list with warm hand crafted hats and scarves ready for the winter holidays. Drop by and get cozy with us at the market.

Peace Girl Crafts & Gifts

March 15, 2018

We're bring peace, joy and jewelry to the market this week. From the little stocking stuffer that's hard to find to the just right unique piece for special friend. 

Mama Crunk's Pies

March 15, 2018

Stop by and fill up with Mama Crunk’s Pies Vietnamese Pate Chaud Pastries and our Pork Vermicelli in house-made puff pastry. We offer a variety of sweet and savory delights that will keep you coming back for more. 

Henson's Kettle Corn

March 15, 2018

We'll have the kettle hot and ready at this week's market making our special recipe for this holiday season. Come on by for taste of what makes our Kettle corn the perfect gift!

Hank + Spear

March 15, 2018

Delight in the details of our hand crafted earrings made right here in Chattanooga's Highland Park. We have a colorful array of patterns and designs we've been working on in the studio to share with you this week.

4 Corners Ranch

March 15, 2018

Stop by our booth for Longhorn Steaks and more naturally raised beef products to prepare for family and friends. 100% Pastured, NO GRAIN, 95% Naturally Lean Longhorn Beef. Be sure to ask about a gift cards and special delivery options.

CF Produce

January 15, 2018

We bring a great variety of sustainably grown fresh fruits and veggies to the market to make your meals this season healthy and bright. Stop by to find out more about our Healthy Holiday Gift Boxes.

Bruce Macphee Stained Glass

February 14, 2018

We produce a wide range of hand made stained glass items including suncatchers, windows, home décor items, and seasonal gifts. Look for our a unique variety of Christmas ornaments and table decorations you will not see anywhere else. 

Bee Honest with You Honey

March 15, 2018

Honey is just as sweet to give as to receive and have just the right gift for healthy living and giving this season. Stop by and sweeten you holidays!

The Market Blog

Market News + Weekly Harvests + Recipes + More


November 29th, December 6th, 13th & 20th

Start of this season with wholesome foods and gifts, lovingly crafted and cultivated by our farmers and local makers. 

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THURSDAY + NOVEMBER 15, 2018 + 3PM - 6PM

Go Forth & Gather at the Miller Park Fall Harvest Festival

Gather around the harvest table and enjoy the fall harvest with family friends. This week we have great recipes, thankful gifts and community giving opportunities that make an impact. 

Got Soup!

Mix and mash with a Rustic Fall Vegetable Soup. This simple recipe gives you all the freedom to create your own bowl of warmth and joy.

This Soup's for You : Serves 6 - 8


4 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1 Cup Fall Hearty Greens

(Kale, Turnip Greens & Swiss Chard+)

1 Cup Fall Root Vegetables

(Carrots, Yellow Beets, Turnips+ )

1 Cup Sweet, Red or Yellow Potatoes

1 Yellow or White Onion

2 Cloves Garlic

1 Cup Cooked White Beans or Pasta

2 Quarts Vegetable or Chicken Broth

1 Bay Leaf

1/4 Cup Fresh Parsley or 1 Tsp. Dried

4 Sprigs Fresh Thyme or 1 Tsp. Dried

Salt & Pepper to Taste


Rinse and chop all fall vegetables into 1 inch pieces ( Pull stems from greens and cut into 1/2 pieces)

Chop Onion into 1/2 pieces

Crush Garlic Cloves

Put all the above in a 5 Quart Pot

Add Olive Oil, toss gently in pot to cover all vegetables and cook over medium heat until onions become translucent.

Add Bay Leaf, Thyme, Parsley and Broth and bring to a low boil. Simmer for 10 minutes. Add additional water to cover vegetables if needed.

Add Cooked White Beans or Cooked Pasta and heat for another 5 minutes.

Serve in large mug or bowl with hearty bread or savory crackers. Makes a great companion with our Baked Polenta and Fall Greens Salad.

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Gifts Galore!

Whether you just love shopping or have a task of must do gifts to gather, the market offers an opportunity to find locally made items that are as unique as each recipient you on your list.

From delicious prepared foods that save you hours in the kitchen, to that just right creative gift for the person you always keep in mind, it's here!

Let's start checking folks off your list!

For the Love of Giving:

Chattanooga Area Food Bank

Chattanooga Community Kitchen

For Your Honey Doer:

Bee Honest with You Honey

For the Chef in All of Us:

CF Produce

Eden Thistle Farm

The Melon Patch Farm

Red Clay Farm

Toad Haven Farm

For the Holiday Party You Forgot:

Go Gyro Go (Catering & Snacks)

Mama Crunk's Pies (Sweet)

Your Local Seitanist (Vegan)

Your Mom's Kombucha 

For the Hostess with the Mostess:

Baby Bear Bath & Beyond

Craft Love Chattanooga

Domingo Soap

For Friends that Love Adornment:

Craft Love Chattanooga

Handmade Here

Hank + Spear

Transcendent Moon Treasures

For Your Crafty Friends & Family:

Craft Love Chattanooga

Handmade Here

Red Clay Farm Fibers

Transcendent Moon Treasures

For the Gardener Without Time:

Freewill Flowers & Foods

We've got this gift season cultivated and curated for YOU!

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Giving with Purpose!

Making a holiday gift donation to local service organizations in the Chattanooga is one way you can give with confidence this holiday season.

Did You Know?

41% of people in our region who are food insecure are children.

Nine out of Ten states with the highest rates of food insecurity are in the south, including Tennessee and Georgia.

More than 25% of veterans reported food insecurity in the past calendar year.

Almost 1/3 of food insecure seniors are disabled.

Making Your Contribution Count

Non-perishable food items are always welcome and provide a safe and simple way to distribute foods quickly.

Your financial support can have a huge impact on hunger. $25 provides 100 meals to people in need in your community.

You can share your gift of time this season and help distribute meals by volunteering at the Chattanooga Food Bank & Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

Hosting a Food Drive or Fundraiser  has big benefits. Bring the opportunity to give to your place of work, community event or collaborate with favorite local businesses.

Get out, get on-line and spread the word. We can make a difference together. 

Chattanooga Area Food Bank

Chattanooga Community Kitchen


Market Harvest: 11/15/18

Baby Bears Bath & Beyond

Lather up with us and get ready to snuggle in this holiday season. Baby bears will be bringing Homemade goats milk soaps, all natural salt scrubs, body butters, and hair and skin oils. We will also bring anti aging lotions, beard oils, candles, and wax tarts. However lets not limit ourselves to just that shall we as we will also have bath bombs, pet shampoo, coconut and oatmeal bath powders, charcoal face wash, muscle rub, and body sprays.

Bee Honest With You Honey

Fall is a great time to get sweet on your family and friends. We think of honey as one of natures greatest gifts. We’re sure you will agree that a little honey in your life goes a long way to make for a happy holiday hive.

Chattanooga Area Food Bank

You can take part in providing meals for real people in need of real food in the Chattanooga area. We bring nourishing food to the people of our region who have the need, and courage, to seek help. Working hand in hand with retailers, manufacturers, farmers, buying alliances and individual donors, our mission is to end hunger for every person in our region, today. And tomorrow, do it again.

Chattanooga Community Kitchen

From the most basic need of a hot meal to a place to feel safe and secure this holiday season, Chattanooga Community Kitchen is here to help our homeless and vulnerable people in our community while offering a clear path to self-sufficiency. Through all of the services we offer, we seek to satisfy the hunger of people in Chattanooga through love and compassion.

Domingo Soaps

Scents of the Season are here! Come by and discover all the delightful products we’ve created for this holiday season. Soaps: Apple Orange Spice, Honey Mango Butter Soap, Charcoal Lavender Mint Soap, Mountain Man Soap, Lavender Vanilla Soap. Bath Salt Bags: Calming Bath Soak, Ache Away, Orange Calendula, Garden Herbs. Sugar Scrubs: Charcoal Mint Lavender. Topical Salves: Ache Away, Moon Magic, Zen Blend.(made with local beeswax, organic hemp oil). Soap Socks and Soap Savers and Lotions.

Eden Thistle Farm: See you on November 29th!

Freewill Flowers & Foods

Ever dream of the garden that keeps on giving? Freewill Flowers and Foods specializes in creating year round landscape and garden designs that will follow you through every season.  We are a sustainable landscaping company specializing in true native plant designs and installation, edible landscapes, urban farms and raised garden bed installations, non-chemical turf maintenance, rain gardens, prairies, hardscapes, clean-ups and more. We are also woodworkers that feature items like snap-together raised garden beds for the DIY gardener, bat boxes, bird houses, and other interesting works of wood for the home and garden.

Handmade Here

Come out and get a sneak peak of what we have in store for you this holiday season! From handmade pottery to the perfect creative gifts for everyone on your list, you will find our selection of local handmade items will keep you gathering long after the holiday season has past. Come on out and celebrate the Grand Opening of Handmade! Our new store is located at Miller Plaza.

Hank + Spear

Put some Hank + Spear in your holidays! I’m a one-woman show hand-weaving Japanese and Czech beads with a needle and thread into earrings that make people feel great. Whether you want to treat yourself to something pretty, or need to buy something special for someone special, there is plenty to choose from!

Melon Patch Farm

Salad season is still here at Melon Patch Farm. We grow a vibrant array of lush lettuces, savory salad leaf blends and delightful herbs year round at our Chickamauga farm. All of our produce is clean and green grown. Toss, wrap, chop and serve up healthy sides at your table for every meal with confidence this holiday season. 

Mama Crunk’s Pies

Get ready to brighten your holiday table with our sweet and savory pies and confections. We will be bringing pumpkin chai, chocolate bourbon pecan, salted bourbon caramel apple and butternut squash and shallot pot pie mini pies as well as Thanksgiving galettes (turkey, gravy, herbed stuffing, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes in an all-butter crust). We will also be bringing order forms for people to fill out for Thanksgiving orders.

Red Clay Farm

Bringing in the harvest for the holidays is what we do best! We will have our certified organic kale, lettuce, arugula, micro greens, organic stone ground cornmeal, corn grits, wheat flour,rye flour, pumpernickel flour, oat porridge, oat flour, bran, and our alpaca yarn.

Toad Haven Farm

We are all about Heirlooms this Holiday Season. All of our produce is cultivated with care from root to leaf. Come by and gather your fall harvest produce and fresh herbs to feed your heart and home. We will have Fennel, beets, kale, broccoli, collard greens, head lettuces (romaine and butterhead), mesclun mix, carrots, parsley, dill, and cilantro.

Transcendent Moon Treasures

Start winding up your gift list and get creative this season. We will be offering one of a kind woven copper and hemp jewelry such as necklaces and rings using unique gemstones and minerals found in different regions of the United States. We also have a collection of original paintings created on nine inch canvases that will be available to enliven your home.

Your Mom's Kombucha

Put a little ferment in your holidays with our whole crafted Kombucha's and breads. We'll have a variety of the seasons best flavors to taste and lift your spirits and we will keep your hearth warm with handcrafted breads and baked delights. Stop by to learn everything your mom never told you about kombucha!

Your Local Seitanist

Going Vegan this holiday season has never been easier! This week, we’re bringing the goods! From prepackaged meat substitutes to small batch vegan cheeses. We will also have a few apple brie turnovers, pumpkin snickerdoodles, and a full vegan charcuterie for tasting.